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Masala Recipe Kits

Each Recipe Kit is a prayer to heal ourselves and our planet. Wholesome, Organic and medicinal ingredients all packaged responsibly.

The Recipe guide provides step by step instructions to make an authentic dish but it's also an invitation to make eating a time for ceremony, promoting playfulness, mindfulness and gratitutde.

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Mindful Ingredients - Organic and Fairtrade

Earthly responsible.

  • Organic and Fairtrade ingredients whenever possible.
  • Recipes are designed for a broad range of health benefits.
  • Dehydrated produce means smaller carbon foot print.
    We encourage buying fresh products locally.
Value for family and friends

Make eating ceremonious again

  • Not just a Recipe, it's a unique experience.
    Each kit comes with a fun 'ceremony' and inspiration. Aimed to make eating time fun and mindful.
  • Family/Friends of 4 eat from £5!
Earth is in our hands

The earth is in our hands

  • We use compostable packaging over bio-degradeable.
  • Low carbon foot print.
  • 10% of profits go to earth causes.
  • Healing foods for better value.
    >Spending less on packaging. > More on ingredients. > Innovating recipes with dehydrated vegetables, because they retain more goodness, better value, smaller carbon footprint.
Food that heals

Medicinal ingredients

  • Serving food that heals.
    Food that is good for you and for our earth.
  • Spices are medicine.
    They greatly help our digestion and for the absorption of nutrients. They are in all our recipes.
    * According to the ancient science of Ayurveda.
  • The magic is in the oil content of Spices!
    We take the measures to ensure that the Spices preserve their healing properties as well as possible.
Recipe kits comes with:
  • Dry ingredients in pre-portioned sachets
  • Authentic & quality Spices
  • Your dining guide!
  • A free gift!
Your Dining guide includes:
  • Recipe with step by step instructions
  • A suggested ceremony for you to follow
  • A few words of inspiration
  • Shopping list for fresh and common ingredients
  • Tips and variations on the recipe