Vegan Sugarless Pancakes


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10 Minutes 15 Minutes
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Easy Breakfast

Is it possible to have your Pancake and eat it? It is with this recipe, Vegan-friendly, and without any Sugar, you can celebrate Shrove Tuesday guilt free!

The secret here is Bananas! They add natural sweetness and act as a binding agent replacing the need for eggs!

Furthermore, the Khorosan flour (also known as Kamut) has a rich nutrient profile with high protein, manganese, zinc, selenium and much more.  The flour has a nutty taste and adds a wholesome the taste compared to white flour but not so challenging a taste as Buckwheat flour might be for some people (especially for kids). The more readily available and also nutritious Spelt flour is equally exchangeable for Kamut flour.

Arjun Posted by Arjun Foods that are good for one person might not be for another, we have to learn to listen to our bodies and find what works us.


Suitable for the whole family


Mash bananas

    Ingredient / Preparation

  • 3.00 medium Ripe Banana
  1. On a flat plate mash bananas finely with a fork and stir until you achieve a smooth consistency.
    Set aside.


Make the Pancake batter

    Ingredient / Preparation

  • 300.00 Gram Khorosan Flour
  • 1.00 Tea spoon Sodium bicarbonate
  • 0.25 Tea spoon Himalayan salt
  • 1.50 Tea spoon Cinnamon quils
  • 6.00 Table spoon Olive oil
  • 600.00 Ml Water
  1. Add the flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt and the Cinnamon powder into a bowl and mix together.
  2. Add the oil, water, the banana mixture into the bowl, and whisk into a smooth consistency.


Cook the pancakes

    Ingredient / Preparation

  • 10.00 Tea spoon Coconut oil
  1. Lightly oil a flat non-stick pan, on medium heat.
  2. Using a ladle to pour batter onto the pan, swirl the pan around to spread the mixture according to how thick/thin or wide you would like your pancake to be.
  3. Cook first side until bubbles form on top, for about three minutes; then flip and then cook other side for about two to three minutes.
    Both sides should be a golden brown color.

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    Try different ground spices like Nutmeg, Vanilla and cardamom. Or Cumin and Ajwain for savoury versions.


    For a savoury version, use soaked linseed powder. 5 table spoons linseeds to 25 Tablespoons water, soak at least 20 minutes.

    This Recipe works equally well with Buckwheat if you prefer a more darker brooding rustic flavour.

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