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Food and eating can be a guilty pleasure nowadays, it's hard to make a right move without doing wrong by someone.  If you are trying to be conscientious then there is a good chance that it's costing quite a bit.  Combine that with the fast-paced/stressful lives that many of us follow, it is more tempting than ever to just buy a cheap and cheerful fast food takeaway!   But there is a part of us all that wants to leave this world a little better off than it might have been without us. Making the world better starts with you, and that means eating well because that is changing what you are, how you think and feel - and that is also what changes the world.

You agree?

  • Good quality and affordable food should be available to everyone.
  • Meat is over-consumed which means that animals are too often badly treated.
  • Cooking at home and eating with others is intrinsically wholesome and life-affirming.
  • We can appreciate and enjoy food more when we are not distracted by TV and such distractions.
  • Cooking and eating together naturally creates a sense of community.

You want to: 

  • Know more about how Spices and Herbs play vital roles in the proper digestion and in the absorption of food.
  • Be inspired to eat more vegetarian food through creative uses of spices and herbs.
  • Find recipes that can inspire you to cook more at home.
  • Have good value food that tastes good.
  • Learn more about food, and its relationship to you and our planet.
  • Buy less fast food and do more home-cooking.


If you are ticking a few boxes here then you can definitely find value from our site.  Follow this link down to the footer where you can connect with us via our newsletter and social media.

About us

Our vision is for everyone to be able to afford good quality and enjoyable food.  We believe that ancient wisdom can help us to realise food as medicine.

Cost and value

Growing up, as a family, we had financial struggles, but we always ate well.  For that there were two reasons, we prioritized and valued good food and secondly we cooked a lot of Indian food, which tasted great, it was healthy and it was very good on the pennies.  As a family of five, we could enjoy a curry lasting 2-3 days costing approx £5 including the Chappatis.

Now that circumstances are a little more comfortable we can pay extra attention to the quality of good, and in particular to the Spices.  Spices are also for flavoring but more so they have properties that help our digestion and well-being. Blends like Gharam masala are made with select spices and proportions for this purpose.  These blends go back thousands of years and link with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.

We want to share the true value of these Spices and ancient knowledge.  They can help to improve your health and save on the pennies and without sacrificing the enjoyment of food.


Mother of Spice

We chose to call ourselves Maasala, deriving from two words, Maa meaning mother and Masala is the spice blend that is added to many of our Indian dishes for flavor and our health.

Maa is the source of our family, she nourishes and promotes our well being.  Maa also refers to Mother earth, the great provider, from which all beings come from and return to, Ancient sciences reveal to us that we are microcosms of our Earth, as we recognize it's cycles so we recognize our too.  We must learn to look after our bodies with a mother's love.  That is why we are called Maasala.  


Spices and ancient wisdom

The blend Gharam masala is rooted in Ayurvedic (science of health) traditions.  Ayurvedic practitioners inform us of the importance maintaining well functioning digestive systems.  Food is digested in the element of fire (Agni), Spices stoke this fire and this is why they are deemed essential in our foods, they play a fundamental role in aiding our digestive systems and thereby our well-being.   


Vegetarian food that delights

Indian cooking is an enticing alternative to meat-based food.  In a world where we are increasingly aware of the pressures of meat farming and it's global impacts we want to do our bit in promoting vegetarianism, that's why we only have vegetarian recipes, we are not against meat, we are just really pro-vegetarianism!  

I have seen Indian food working to tempt people away from their unhealthy and also excessive meat-based diets time and time again, most notably by mother.  When our Maa served her homemade curries to our friends I would often witness our guests having what seemed like spiritual experiences!  Food was both the subject of conversation and the stimulation of it.  Compliments would flow throughout the evenings.  I noted two things, The meat eaters could forego their appetite for meat in place of a vegetarian speciality such as Saag (spinach curry) or Portha (mashed roasted aubergine) and secondly the celebration and appreciation of the food.


The ceremony of food

The secret ingredients that transform food into heartwarming food are intention and attention.  We want to promote these ingredients by encouraging home-cooking, contrary to the takeaway and fast food culture.  The fast foods fit in well with the stressful lives that many of us lead in but they have removed us from our former culture of food that helps us to create memories and bonds with one another.  We are coining a term to help visualise a movement back to our roots where we socially celebrate and appreciate food and cooking, The ceremony of food.  


Our service

With this website, my family and I are honored to share with you our traditional recipes as well as contemporary ones, and a place where you can rely on purchasing authentic spices, like our Gharam masala blend.

Enjoy and be inspired to make your own variations of the recipes, just remember to share, and maybe we can together bring back the ceremony of food!


Meet the Maasala team

Satsri akaal (Hello). It's my honour and pleasure that this website is sharing my recipes and my culture with you.

Cooking has been my life, I realise it is how I can make people happy and I hope that I can help you to be happy. Above all I also hope it also brings you good health - try not to use too much butter and use ghee instead when possible!
Maa (Mum), Satbir Kaur Thandi
A life long student of mind, food and health. It's become my dream to make healthy and tasty food accessible to more people. I want to share with people that are vast bodies of knowledge available, in particular, Ayurveda, that recognises your unique constitution.
I am a firm believer in "you are what you eat". It's true what we put in our body is destined to become us physically but perhaps even more importantly what we ingest can have dramatic impacts on out thoughts and psych tooe.
The Son, Arjun
I'm a self confessed foodie.  I love to try out new things mix things up with other types of cuisine.  I am married to a South african so I am interested in bringing some those influences across.  As a mother of 2 year old twins I think Indian food can be great for kids and just use the spices subtly.
The Daughter
Hello web surfers, welcome to our cuisine and our culture. My role is as chief taster ;) ... and also to be a morale support for my wife and family. Enjoy everyone and god bless.
The husband, Harminder AKA Harry

How we started

On one day, my mum was feeling a little down she expressed to us that she did not know how to give to the world, she felt like she had no expertise or qualification in life.  As a girl she was at the top of her class at school but her education was stopped at the age of 18 to get married and move to England.  My wife and I laughed since we knew very well that cooking was her speciality and was revered for it.  

I (her son) am interested in healing through food, relating to many different cultures including our Indian heritage, so it seemed like we could make a good team. My wife and I encouraged our Mum and before we knew it, we got working on the idea of setting up a recipe website to share our home cooking and our homemade Gharam masala recipes!


Mum cooking at home

Passionate about vegetarian food

India has the world's largest vegetarian population, from a total population over 1.4 billion people!  Vegetarian food is sufficient, as a consequence, we put less strain on our planet and on our animals.  Furthermore, it can be tasty, nutritious and great value for money!


Vegetarian society


Introduction to Punjabi cuisine

Punjab sits on the border of north India that is the gateway to the rest of the world.  It is influenced by India but also by neighbouring countries too.  Our famous staple food Rotis (flat bread) originate from what was once Persia.  Biryani and our orange sweet, Jalebis are thought to come from the Mughals.  But we are rich with invention too, Tandoori (clay oven) cooking perhaps most famous, and then there is the classic Saag a leafy curry and many more.