Maasala serves

Maasala 'serves' you and our planet by making home cooking a more frequent choice and to promote more vegetarian eating.  We are achieving this through our easy to follow Recipes, an online shop selling high grade (medicinal) spices, Unique wholesome Recipe Kits and Articles to keep us more informed about higher consciousness eating and living.
Check out our new just add water Recipe kit (Kichdi) costing less than a Mcdonalds meal that has 4-5 servings! 

Spices are medicine

Do you know that the mainstream appreciation of Indian food, is quite different from how it really is?  It is rooted in ancient wisdom that can help us to promote our well-being.  Spices are much more than flavouring they are more like medicine.  Read more on our article about Spices. In our home, the spice cupboard is also the medicine cabinet!  We have linked with the best suppliers to be assured of the best quality spices meaning they are fresh and most importantly their oil content is preserved.  

Eat healthier for cheaper

Growing up we had to think about the pennies, but we always ate the best because Indian cooking is healthy and really good value and that is something we really want to share with people.  Each and every person should be able to eat and eat well.

"Food is more than just energy, it affects our state of consciousness."

A surprising amount of money can go on packaging but if we can move beyond that then our choices will help usher new paradigms for shopping, economy, food and caretaking of our planet. 


Home cooking and exciting vegetarian options

To start with we are sharing our Maa's Punjabi authentic home recipes, they are a balance between healthy, tasty, and good value, many of which are deceptively easy to cook too!  But we equally are going to be looking across the world to recipes where we can incorporate the magic of our sacred spices.  


Source of quality

The quality of Spices makes a difference to the flavour but it's even more important when it comes to health.  That's why we knew we had to have our own online shop so we could guarantee the best ingredients.  We source from the best suppliers and we have a shorter shelf life so we don't dry up the oil content where many of the healing properties are stored.